Bringing Wireshark into Web

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  • Wireshark interface in Web
  • Wireshark engine analysis using JSON API
  • Capture files indexing and filtering
    You can filter for capture files using multiple criteria: protocols, duration, number of frames or size. TBD: captures matching given date TBD: user tags, capture file description
  • Define configuration per capture file
  • TBD: Big capture file overview & splitting tools
  • TBD: Capture file access (users, groups)
  • TBD: Capturing from local and remote devices
  • TBD: Traffic Decryption Wizard

JSON-ized Wireshark engine:

  • Dissecting thousand protocols with over 171 000 fields
  • Display Filter with autocompletion and field information
  • Conversation and Endpoints
    IPv4 includes GeoIP map: Example
  • Sequence Diagram
    Sequence Diagram for: Frame, TCP and VoIP Example
  • RTP Playback & Analysis
  • Service Response Time
  • Protocol Statistics
  • Object Extraction
  • Expert Information
  • Stream Following



Webshark is an opensource project licensed under GPLv2, with limited general support.


project page: webshark on bitbucket